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Being just slightly overweight can affect the chance of having a baby through IVF, according to a study at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust.
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Researchers at Oxford University have developed a test that may help to improve IVF success rates by checking the health of embryos.
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European researchers have shown a correlation between impaired embryo development and the fat levels of mother cows.
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Just a little too much weight can affect IVF success (2011)
Mother's fat can harm embryos - at least in cows (2011)

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Seven Swedish women have had embryos reintroduced after receiving wombs from living donors. Now the first transplanted
woman has delivered a baby a healthy and normally developed boy
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World's first child born after uterus transplantation (2014)
New embryo test to improve IVF success rate (2011)
A French company claims to have grown human sperm cells in a laboratory for the first time.The Kallistem Laboratory, in
Lyon, said it had produced sperm cells using patient testicular biopsies that contained immature germ cells, but the
research is yet to be published in a peer reviewed journal.
Artificial sperm 'grown in lab' for first time (2015)
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