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This Congress was the 6th National Congress of the Libyan Obstetrics and Gynaecologists Association.

October 31-November 2, 2008 - Tripoli, Al Jalla Hospital
National Congress of the LOGA.
Tripoli Symposium on Infertility.
This Symposium was the opportunity to meet in Tripoli internationally recognized experts coming from Europe, and the occasion to establish new relationships with well know infertility specialists.

March 20-21, 2009 - Tripoli, Al Jalla Hospital
1st Advanced Course on IVF Lab Techniques.
The aim of this school was to offer an up-to-date deep view on all the available A.R.T. techniques and to give the opportunity to work on a IVF lab.

From February to May, 2008, Tripoli, National Infertility Centre

Al Fairouz Centre for Assisted Reproductive Technologies, Gynaecology & Obstetrics

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